Top Living Room Trends of 2021

The world of interior design is ever-changing with new trends emerging every year. Trying to keep up can be quite exhausting, but luckily for you, we have listed the top current trends in living room design for you! The living room is the hub of relaxation in your home but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a space full of gorgeous design and detail. Between seating trends to fashionable colour options, we’ll go through it all.

Multi-Functional Spaces

Creating a space that is multi-functional is not only trendy, it is also in high demand in homes all around the world. A living room that is filled with multifunctional furnishing has the ability to transform based on your needs. Here at Vita Italiana, we are constantly using innovative designs to ensure that our interiors are able to convert and transition between different purposes.

Our Boxlife range is by far our most innovative design as it completely adapts to your needs. The Boxlife living space solutions include stylish and chic finishes whilst also promoting the ability to hide away any parts you would rather be kept stored away. With high-quality sliding doors that are able to conceal different parts of your living room storage units, you can choose what parts you want on display. It also acts as a built-in TV unit and storage solution.

The Motus range also acts as a multifunctional living space design with its unique formation acting as a unit with various capabilities. Motus can act as a TV unit, storage unit, and bookshelf all in one space. With the versatility of this unit, you can decide what you need it to do.

We offer various storage solutions that enable your living space to be as multifunctional as possible.

luxury modern living


luxury modern living


Decorative Flooring

Flooring is a part of our home that we may not necessarily focus on yet it has the power to perform as a stylish and statement piece in your living space. Flooring has gained attention in the interior design world, particularly living room flooring that is rich in decoration. At Vita Italiana, we have a vast range of flooring options that are committed to providing a decorative element to your living space.

For a more subtle decorative flooring design, the Biscuit range ticks all of the boxes. With elegant curves and intertwined boards, this flooring flows perfectly in your living space without gathering too much attention. This flooring allows you to incorporate a trend into your living space without having to commit to a design that is too vibrant for your taste.

If you prefer graphic flooring designs then the Regola range will capture your interest with its striking use of different shades of wood to create a unique pattern. Not only will this design complement current trends, but it also pays tribute to 1900’s New York. Your flooring will stand out as a work of art in your living space and will most definitely act as a conversation starter.

Undici from Vita Italiana embarks on a journey of decorative flooring in a distinctive manner. With innovative etching technology, this flooring features beautiful artwork and patterns etched and carved into the woodwork. It’s a perfect addition to the living room of those who have a fine appreciation for art.

luxury modern living


luxury modern living


luxury modern living


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