Top Living Room Trends of 2021

The world of interior design is ever-changing with new trends emerging every year. Trying to keep up can be quite exhausting, but luckily for you, we have listed the top current trends in living room design for you! The living room is the hub of relaxation in your home but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a space full of gorgeous design and detail. Between seating trends to fashionable colour options, we’ll go through it all.

Pops of Colour

Colour shows character, and when it comes to your home, the colours you choose to present through your choice of furnishing and accessories can display who you are as a person. Pops of colour in your living space are a playful way to show off your personality, and it is very on trend at the moment. Interior design is currently devoted to displaying the homeowners unique tastes and interests and pops of colour are presently the trendiest way to do that.

Inserting colour into your home may feel slightly overwhelming, however, you do not need to overload your space with bright and vibrant tones, you can easily pop colour into your living space through accessories such as throws, cushions, footstools, paintings or rugs. These options can be easily changed as opposed to buying large expensive colourful furniture or painting your walls a bright colour. The Dominio living options from Vita Italiana offer subtle colourful furniture solutions that allow your home to be trendy, but on your own terms.

However, if you are passionate about having a home that is vibrant and playful and you are willing to commit to more permanent pops of colour, then painting a feature wall or having a colourful couch is the perfect choice for you. Our Foster range at Vita Italiana can meet your large pops of colour needs as we carry furnishing that is guaranteed to satisfy your vibrant requests.

Adding pops of colour to your home has never been easier thanks to the customisable features at Vita Italiana. We work with you to match your vision and to also help you express your personality and your character whilst keeping style and high quality in mind.

luxury modern living


luxury modern living


Elements of Nature

There is nothing more truly beautiful than nature, so it is no surprise that a current living room design trend surrounds the idea of included elements of the natural world into your home. Your mind may spring straight to thoughts of wildlife and grass in your living space, but don’t worry, this interior design doesn’t include creepy crawlies or wild birds in your living room. Rather, this trend focuses on natural elements such as wood and greenery, as well as earthy tones.

At Vita Italiana, we have an eye for beauty, and that includes nature. We have worked earthy and natural tones into our designs, as well as the timeless element of wood. Our furnishings complement this trend whilst also being fashionable in years to come.

Our Argo range features modern-style living room furnishing that includes skilful takes on wooden designs. This range injects a forest-like feel into your home whilst also maintaining a clean and sophisticated design (think of the rainforest without the soil and the wild animals). The deep green tones truly encapsulate the colours found on the leaves of trees and the untamed grass of wild parks. It is a glamourous take on natural elements and will perfectly suit the living room trend of 2021.

If green-toned furnishings don’t suit your taste then you can insert the world of nature into your home in a more subtle way. The Asia Soft range from Vita Italiana offers simple yet sophisticated and classy living room furnishings that are adaptable to various different colour combinations. Green toned accessories complement the Asia Soft range perfectly, allowing you to accessorise your living space with greenery without worrying about it clashing with your furniture. You can use accessories such as plant pots, green rugs, pillows, and throws, or by including wooden accessories like vases, picture frames, or coffee tables.

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luxury modern living

Asia Soft

Curved Furnishing

Shape and composition have the power to transform your home and have the ability to create different moods. Clean lines used to be all of the rage when it came to furnishing, however, curved pieces are making their big break with them featuring in the homes of leading interior designers and many famous hotels. Curved pieces allow for an elegant flow to your space, creating a calm and tranquil feel. They also add a spark of glamour to your living space as they mimic the interior designs found in old Hollywood homes from the ’60s. Curved furnishing continues to make a comeback with it coming in and out of trend over and over again. With a mix of retro inspiration and classy finishes, curved furniture is the go-to design at the moment, and we are very excited about it.

At Vita Italiana offer various curved furniture living space solutions. One of the ranges that caters to your curved design needs is the Burton range, featuring wooden textures and leather finishes. This living room design gathers much of its inspiration from 1960/70s with its minimalistic bench style effect. The inclusion of goose down cushions and the curved backrest allows for a comfortable and supported experience, whilst also being visually appealing. The choice of armchairs and couches means you can mix and match your furnishing, or include all of them to emphasise the curved trend in your home.

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A more colourful option that tailors to this trend is the Bessie range from Vita Italiana which features arm chairs with a curved back and a crushed velvet finish. The pale blush pink adds a level of elegance and femininity into your home, whilst also offering a timeless element. Add a wooden coffee table and these furnishings truly capture that 60/70’s feel.

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Statement Accessories

Adding statement pieces to a plain living space can instantly transform the room. Making a statement is very on-trend at the moment, and at Vita Italiana, we think the perfect way to make a statement in your living space is by adding unique accessories such as coffee tables. By adding a coffee table as your statement piece, you get an item that is functional yet stylish. It is also a piece that is frequently used and is typically in the centre of the space, making it the perfect furnishing to use as your statement piece.

Our Vintage range offers a modern twist on traditional console tables by incorporating a marble effect finish. This immediately acts as a statement in your living room and it can be placed into your space without taking up too much room due to its neat and compact size. It dresses up a room whilst also acting as a form of storage with its integrated shelves. It’s guaranteed to make a statement.

Another attention-worthy living space furnishing comes from the Smart range from Vita Italiana. Featuring a collection of glossy tables with curved edges, this set adds an element of retro design to your space. With its unique tiered design, it truly acts as a statement, whilst also holding an incredibly practical purpose. This form of design is timeless and dresses up a plain space into a fun and classy room.

luxury modern living


luxury modern living


Vita Italiana offers more statement pieces in its Otis range with its metallic finishes and metal framing. As opposed to the other options, this table displays a futuristic feel with its mirror style tops and its unique take on a table frame. It instantly catches your eye and draws you in, making it the perfect statement piece.

Last, but certainly, not least is the spectacular Miller range that displays a whole other level of class and sophistication. This design oozes luxury with its marble slab appearance. From one glance you can understand why it is considered a statement piece because it truly is a show stopper. This table can upgrade a basic room into a luxurious and expensive space that would make your guests jealous. Nothing says statement more than marble.

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luxury modern living



Pairing back your living space is trendier than ever with minimalism taking over the interior design world. Minimalism can seem incredibly difficult to maintain, especially in a living space that is used for a multitude of functions, however, with Vita Italiana we offer pieces that have the ability to create a minimalistic vibe.

Our Preston and Santa Monica ranges offer simple, yet beautiful coffee tables that have a clean effect and a single textured tabletop. With no lower shelving on these coffee tables, it is harder to build up clutter, allowing you to keep your coffee tables sleek and minimal. They are also neutral in colouring, meaning they are not distracting and can maintain a paired back design.

The Arne range from Vita Italiana introduces a timeless minimalistic look into your living space with its sleek soft furnishing. The Arne couch displays a level of class and luxury whilst also featuring a neutral colour that can easily be dressed up or paired back. This means that you can transition from minimalism to decorative designs based on your preference and based on the current trends. By pairing this style couch with similar tone accessories, you can create a paired back living space that can live up to the minimalistic trend.

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luxury modern living


luxury modern living

Santa Monica

Cosy and Comfy

Comfort and relaxation is always a trend in our books, because who wouldn’t want to be able to chill out in their living space? At Vita Italiana, we believe that comfort can also be incredibly fashionable.

Our Cooper range delivers maximum comfort from the second you sink into the luscious couches. With extra depth for an immersive feel, this couch pulls you in like a warm hug making you feel totally relaxed. With options for armchairs and couches, you can fill your space with comfy and cosy seating choices. Pair it with a stylish footstool and you have the whole package.

The Blow range offers unique footstool options for pairing with your living room furniture, allowing you to prop your feet up and relax. Comfort has never looked chicer than with the Kimono footstool options as they act as a statement piece whilst also supplying you with maximum comfort.

Similar to the immersive comfort of the Cooper range, the Kimono living furnishing range offers an embracing comfort with its deep set back cushions and high armrests. The lightweight fabric and the large couch cushions create the ultimate comfort experience that is guaranteed to have your home on trend.

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luxury modern living


luxury modern living


luxury modern living


Multi-Functional Spaces

Creating a space that is multi-functional is not only trendy, it is also in high demand in homes all around the world. A living room that is filled with multifunctional furnishing has the ability to transform based on your needs. Here at Vita Italiana, we are constantly using innovative designs to ensure that our interiors are able to convert and transition between different purposes.

Our Boxlife range is by far our most innovative design as it completely adapts to your needs. The Boxlife living space solutions include stylish and chic finishes whilst also promoting the ability to hide away any parts you would rather be kept stored away. With high-quality sliding doors that are able to conceal different parts of your living room storage units, you can choose what parts you want on display. It also acts as a built-in TV unit and storage solution.

The Motus range also acts as a multifunctional living space design with its unique formation acting as a unit with various capabilities. Motus can act as a TV unit, storage unit, and bookshelf all in one space. With the versatility of this unit, you can decide what you need it to do.

We offer various storage solutions that enable your living space to be as multifunctional as possible.

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luxury modern living


Decorative Flooring

Flooring is a part of our home that we may not necessarily focus on yet it has the power to perform as a stylish and statement piece in your living space. Flooring has gained attention in the interior design world, particularly living room flooring that is rich in decoration. At Vita Italiana, we have a vast range of flooring options that are committed to providing a decorative element to your living space.

For a more subtle decorative flooring design, the Biscuit range ticks all of the boxes. With elegant curves and intertwined boards, this flooring flows perfectly in your living space without gathering too much attention. This flooring allows you to incorporate a trend into your living space without having to commit to a design that is too vibrant for your taste.

If you prefer graphic flooring designs then the Regola range will capture your interest with its striking use of different shades of wood to create a unique pattern. Not only will this design complement current trends, but it also pays tribute to 1900’s New York. Your flooring will stand out as a work of art in your living space and will most definitely act as a conversation starter.

Undici from Vita Italiana embarks on a journey of decorative flooring in a distinctive manner. With innovative etching technology, this flooring features beautiful artwork and patterns etched and carved into the woodwork. It’s a perfect addition to the living room of those who have a fine appreciation for art.

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luxury modern living


luxury modern living


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