Dandy Plus: Innovative. Unique. Connected

Design by Fabio Novembre

One one hand Dandy Plus recalls the historic best-selling Scavolini model from the Eighties, but on the other it reveals itself to be a clear tribute to Italian design, characterised by distinguishing features, soft curves and bright colours. The bridge element – available in White Plus or Grey Plus laminate – designs the kitchen while defining its profile, making it look compact and recognisable. The splash of colour is another customisation tool. The colours available are Coral Red, Mustard Yellow, Agave Blue, Prestige White, Slate Black, Silver and Bronze, and they can clad functional elements such as handles, accessories, open-fronted elements, controls and mixer levers. For this kitchen we imagined a kitchen where Alexa’s voice is present and recommends a recipe to us, liaises with the appliances, and can even entertain us with background music. The Task Bar is a collector which conceals all the technology. The Task Bar also features round slots (in coloured ABS) which host smart functions such as power outlets and USB ports. In Dandy Plus the technology incorporated is almost invisible: proof of this can also be found in the wireless charger built into the top of the worktop, one of the most popular technological accessories. Dandy Plus: the evolution of the compact, connected kitchen. For a reinterpretation of space at the heart of the home.

luxury modern kitchen and dining
luxury modern kitchen and island
luxury modern kitchen and dining
luxury modern kitchen