Aaron O’Grady is co-founder of Vita Italiana

Aaron O'Grady

“My own personal motivations for Vita Italiana are guided by my love of and my belief in Italian culture, design and lifestyle. Married with this is my love of Ireland and my respect for the Irish design industry.”

Aaron O’Grady is co-founder of Vita Italiana. Having lived and worked in Italy for a number of years, Aaron became inspired by the wealth of artisan manufacturers and companies there. Vita Italiana is housed in Aaron’s anchor company, Vision Creative Studios, which boasts 30000sqft of purpose-built showroom space showcasing the absolute best and most beautiful Italian living, bathroom and kitchen solutions.

Angelo Galatolo

“Growing up in a Tuscan seaside village where each little house had their own garden patch, fresh fruit grew on the trees in the wild and an abundance of fresh fish, how could one grow up and not love food and how it is cooked.”

Angelo is our brand ambassador at Vita Italiana. His adventurous soul and thirst for knowledge has taken him to all corners of the world starting with Paris and Rome and then further afield to Caribbean Creole flavours, Spanish shores, deep sea fishing in Canada, and Michelin Star restaurants in France and London. Angelo has worked on private yachts for the successful and famous, in Monte Carlo, Seychelles and St Tropez. He has created Canapes at the Cannes film festival, Biennial arts festival in Venice, and organised events for those who have created their own empires, events with flair, originality and a little drama and art.

Angelo Galatolo is a brand ambassador at Vita Italiana.


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