How to Create a Breathtaking Dining Room

With a global pandemic and strict lockdowns, a fun-filled dinner party is something that many people are missing dearly. As cases are reducing and restrictions are lifting slowly, we can now begin planning to see our favourite people and enjoy a nice meal together. What better time to create the dining room of your dreams, ready just in time for restrictions to be lifted. Here are some tips on how to create a breathtaking dining room in 2021.

Define the Area



When it comes to creating a breathtaking dining room, the first thing you want to do is define your space. The size of the space will establish how many people you can fit at your dining table. The formality of your space will also be something to consider. Will it be saved for special occasions or will you use the space every day? Once you define the space and the style you want to portray, it is time to look for furniture. If you are going for a more intimate approach, a round table is perfect. However, if you are aiming to create a formal space, a rectangular table is best.





Lighting is one of the best ways to add personality to any space. Lighting can be subtle or bold, depending on what you want the focus of the room to be. Daring choices can include large chandeliers or multiple fixtures which immediately attract the eye.  Choosing a unique lighting fixture is a great way to impress your guests.


Mix and Match


Contrasting furniture items are a great addition to the dining room to bring the focus to the table. Introducing daring furniture items can instantly bring personality to the space. The easiest way to do this is to find tables and chairs that complement each other while still being bold. Mixing and matching is a great way to create a trendy space that is full of personality.




Your dining room should encompass your personality perfectly. Your guests should be able to spot the little touches that make the space yours. If you are loud and bubbly, you could add bright colours or bold furniture pieces. If you are quieter or more introverted, minimalist lighting fixtures or a mix of textures is a great way to add your personality to your space. Making your guests feel welcomed and engaged is so important, and by adding your personality to the space you will do just that!


Colour and Texture

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Colour and texture is a great way to take your space from boring to bold. High gloss paint will give you a beautiful finish whether your going for a more minimalist neutral tone or a vivid bright hue. The glossy finish will instantly bring the space to life whilst being relatively easy to work with.

Texture is another amazing way to take your dining space to the next level. Adding metals and fabrics are a simple way to change up the space completely without having to do much work. With this topic it is all about finding textures and colours that compliment each other and make elements really pop!


Artistic Features

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There is something magical about having bold, pieces of art that will make any space come to life, filled with personality. It’s one of the best ways to refresh your space while adding color and texture. Art does not have to be on a canvas, you can introduce art in a variety of things. Intricate lighting fixtures are a very popular way to include artwork that is functional while still taking your space to the next level.


Custom Furniture

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Make your room completely unique by adding custom furniture. This charming approach with instantly take your space to the next level. Unique seating and table options are a great way to bring personality to your space and impress your guests. Unique shapes can completely switch up your space and make it look completely new.

Let us know what tips you’ll be using to impress your guests at your next dinner parties!