Formalia: Geometric. Elegance. Balance

Design by Vittore Niolu

Choosing Formalia means standing out, keeping up with current trends; it means enhancing the value of the heart of every home, in a sophisticated way. The focus of the design therefore lies in the rhythmic and geometric pace which can also be found in other details, devised to enhance the original design. The compartments in the Status Wall System can be embellished by open-fronted storage elements complete with pull-out trays that can be positioned freely, depending on their contents and to suit individual momentary requirements. The trays come in the 30 or 45 cm size, in decorative melamine or lacquered in the Scavolini range of finishes. The extensive modularity of the Status Wall System proves useful not only to create living room areas, but it can also be found in the stylistic feature of the dressers, whose clean-cut silhouettes emphasise the mood of the Formalia project. Another interesting feature is the possibility of integrating within it or of creating convenient and sophisticated office spaces.