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A trendy, chic and meticulous design 

A dark and moody collaboration of wooden elements and steel finishes creates a luxurious and timeless kitchen design.

The iron-grey matt lacquered doors in the kitchen unit have built-in grips that are placed horizontally across the drawers and vertically on the presses, allowing for an accessible method of opening and closing the units. This innovative design creates a seamless look in the kitchen as it eliminates the need for handles.

Luxury is rife in this kitchen with the extra white porcelain worktop and wall panels creating a sophisticated space. The glass door overhead units with the integrated ‘Velo’ lighting system further adds an air of luxury to this kitchen by casting a depth of shadow and light into the space.

This kitchen design is innovative and unique with the use of steel finishes that contrast with the wooden cabinets and flooring. It combines the man made element of steel, and the organically made element of wood to create a kitchen that is distinguished and timeless.

luxury modern kitchen and island
luxury modern kitchen storage

Steel wall mounted hood with built-in storage available in both 90cm and 180cm sizes

luxury modern kitchen storage

‘Velo’ lights that are built vertically into the glass wall units which are lined with anthracite fabric 

luxury modern kitchen and island

A large island facing a kitchen with iron-grey matt lacquered units and glass door overhead shelving units and a steel hood

luxury modern kitchen and island

An island with an extra white porcelain worktop with iron-grey matt lacquered drawer doors with a grip built into the frame of the door

luxury modern kitchen sink

A delicate sink built into the island with the extra white porcelain worktop flowing seamlessly through the sink basin

Materials Used

Texstyle Sand – Kitchen Cabinet Structure

Anthracite Fabric – Kitchen Cabinet Structure

Iron Grey Matt Lacquered – Doors

luxury modern lighting

Extra White Porcelain Stoneware – Wall Panels