Diesel Open Workshop Kitchen: Dress Code C

Industrial Luxury

Sophistication meets industrialisation in this Diesel Open Workshop kitchen design. The inclusion of an island adds the further element of a workshop inspired design into the kitchen. The island acts as a hub for the kitchen allowing activity to flow around it.

The signature Diesel Open Workshop console bronze structure design is found in the design of the island, with the ribbed glass doors also representing this Diesel design. The large shelving system under the island incorporates a magnitude of storage into your kitchen, whilst also looking sleek with the glass doors bronze finishes and handles, and granite Corian worktop.

The tones of the garden walnut decorative melamine compliment the bronze finishes and is heavily represented throughout the kitchen. Glass also plays a large role in this kitchen with smoky glass shelves and ribbed glass cabinet doors scattered around the kitchen.

Industrialism is prominent in this kitchen and pays homage to the Diesel design with the inclusion of shelving frames that mimic bronze pipes. With the combination of dark wooden tones, bronze finishes and granite worktops and glass features, this kitchen displays an urbanised sense of sophistication and class.

luxury modern kitchen and island
luxury modern kitchen storage

Garden walnut SCAV 942 decorative melamine door and bronze door frame with ribbed glass and bronze handle profile

luxury modern kitchen

Signature Diesel bronze console island with a granite Corian worktop and walnut doors with bronze handles 

luxury modern lighting

Gravel Corian worktop with a bronze stock rack system with smoky glass shelves

luxury modern kitchen

Fence micro black backsplash and granite Corian worktop with stainless steel hob and garden walnut doors with bronze handles 

Materials Used

Anthracite Fabric – Kitchen Cabinet Structure

Garden Walnut Decorative melamine with Bronze handle – Door

Bronze Frame with Smoky Glass – Shelving

Bronze Frame with Ribbed Glass and Bronze handle – Door

Fence Micro Black – Walls

Arizona Concrete Steel – Floor