Diesel Open Workshop Kitchen: Dress Code B

Workshop Design Meets Interior Design

Diesel’s open workshop design reinvents the traditional oak kitchen. The natural soft appearance of the oak cabinets is contrasted with the industrial bronze materials used around the structure of the kitchen.

By reinventing the traditional concept of overhead cabinets, this kitchen includes industrial style shelving that uses a mix of contrasting textiles; oak, bronze metal, and ribbed glass. This expresses the open workshop concept of this kitchen by allowing for shelving rather than closed-door cabinets as well as glass doors with a ribbed effect. The frame of the shelving unit mimics pipes and the bronze finish complements the warmth of the oak.

The most unusual and innovative aspect of this design is the stand-alone cooker unit which perfectly encapsulates the workshop inspiration for this kitchen. The bronze unit that imitates a workshop bench, houses a hob as well as a single shelf that can be used to store pots and pans. This unique design offers a statement piece in your kitchen as well as an open concept and bronze finish that compliments the rest of the kitchen.

luxury modern kitchen and dining
luxury modern kitchen

Landscape oak decorative melamine doors and a bronze doorframe with ribbed glass doors and bronze handles 

luxury modern kitchen

Oak shelving and cabinet doors with bronze finishes and industrial style shelving unit with ribbed glass doors

luxury modern kitchen

Bronze stock rack shelving system with landscape oak decorative melamine shelves

luxury modern kitchen

Munè grey laminate top countertop on a console with bronze-finish legs

Materials Used

Anthracite Fabric – Kitchen Cabinet Structure

Bronze Frame with Ribbed Glass and Bronze handle profile – Door

Scav 922 Landscape Oak Decorative Melamine with Bronze handle profile – Door

Stage Rust Drip Red – Walls

Stage Metallic Red Diving – Floor

Landscape Oak Decorative Melamine – Shelving