Diesel Open Workshop Kitchen: Dress Code A

A Combination of Organic and Industrial Materials

With an emphasis on flow and collaboration, this Diesel Open Kitchen combines beauty with function. Featuring clean lines, a multitude of storage, and a multifunctional breakfast bar, this kitchen optimises space whilst also paying tribute to high-quality design and style.

The contrasting use of soft oak panelling and the industrial bronze steel handles and frames creates a kitchen that is harmonious in class and urbanism.

Through the insertion of a pop of colour with the use of camp army green wall backsplash, this mellow toned kitchen receives a lift and a sense of depth. The green compliments the earthy tones of the kitchen interiors creating a natural and organic feel. The bronze finishes mixed with the natural colouring leads to a unique mix of industrial and organic design.

Diesel’s collaboration with Scavolini has generated a kitchen that is not only beautifully designed, it has also created a kitchen with an ability to perform for every occasion and a space that is inviting, multifunctional, and timeless.

luxury modern kitchen
luxury modern kitchen storage

Pinstripe Oak Decorative melamine doors with Bronze handle profile

luxury modern kitchen and dining

Breakfast bar with bronze breakfast bench support

luxury modern kitchen

Thick calipso quartz countertop

luxury modern bathroom

Pinstripe oak decorative melamine doors with bronze frame and smoky glass

Materials Used

Anthracite Fabric – Kitchen Cabinet Structure

Camp Army Green – Walls

Urban Grey Vein Wooden Floorboards 

Bronze Frame with Smoky Glass and Bronze handle profile – Door

Pinstripe Oak Decorative melamine with Bronze handle profile – Cabinet Doors