Get the Look: Interior Inspired by Celebrity Homes

We all have idols that we take inspiration from, and with Vita Italiana, you can incorporate designs found in your idol’s homes into your own home. From Malibu to Hollywood, the designs in celebrities’ homes are dream-worthy, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay a dream. We will show you how to get that A-list feeling in your home through the use of clever design and calculated use of space.

Jason Statham’s Malibu Home

luxury modern kitchen

Statham’s Malibu Kitchen

The famous British actor Jason Statham bought his Malibu home in 2009 and embarked on a journey of creating a space that embodied a combination of nature and Danish-inspired design. Sleek lines and minimalistic composition can be seen throughout the Malibu home. Earthy tones feature heavily in the design with a range of bright and dark undertones introduced right through the home. The dark tones of the kitchen and bathroom contrast with the breezy and light-filled atmosphere of the living areas and bedrooms, allowing a sense of depth and contrast in the home.

This sleek and minimalistic design found in Statham’s kitchen can also be found in the Scavolini Mood Kitchen design carried by Vita Italiana. The moody pallet paired with natural light creates a similar atmosphere to Statham’s Malibu home as it incorporates nature and earth into a polished and refined aesthetic. Bring Malibu living into your own home and steal Jason Statham’s look with Vita Italiana.

luxury modern kitchen and island

Mood Kitchen by Vita Italiana

Elle MacPherson’s Florida Sanctuary

luxury modern bathroom

MacPherson’s Florida Bathroom

Australian born model Elle MacPherson collaborated with Sawyer Berson to create a sophisticated and creative home ripe with artwork. MacPherson’s aim was to build a home with interior that reflected a sustainable and ergonomic environment, as well as highlighting her career in fashion and her travel experiences. This modern approach to sustainability was morphed around Australian and French inspirations by ensuring the entire home was flooded with natural light and gentle tones throughout. Soft colours displayed through the materials and interiors were paired with white pieces, particularly in the delicate main bathroom. 

The French inspiration is clearly evident with pale blue tones, french doors, and a focus on white glossy interiors, making it feel like a tranquil environment that instantly allows you to feel like you have been transported to another country. This form of tranquillity can be achieved in your own home quite easily through the use of the Gym Space bathroom designs from Vita Italiana. The sleek interior, paired with natural light mimics the environment created by MacPherson, allowing you to create a space of tranquillity in your own home. By mixing light tones, natural light, and the Aquo bathroom design, your own ode to French living is easily achieved.

luxury modern bathroom

Gym Space Bathroom by Vita Italiana

Jessica Alba’s Family Home in Los Angeles

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Alba’s Family Living Space

Actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba adapted her home into a relaxing space that her children can grow up in, and that the grown-ups can have fun in. The home uses neutral tones throughout, but also includes pops of colour to incorporate a sophisticated, yet playful environment. Soft furnishing, colourful artwork, and mixed textiles created a home that is rich in suaveness, yet is also incredibly versatile and timeless. It looks warm and inviting, creating the perfect atmosphere to relax in and to have family movie nights in.

For grown-ups looking to create a polished home that is kid-friendly like Jessica Alba’s Californian haven, the Vita Italiana Constant Innovation range is perfect for you. This range features plush interiors that have an air of sophistication, yet are perfect for the growing family. By matching this range with pops of colour and eye-catching artwork, a state of the art living space is easily achieved. Take a leaf out of Jessica Alba’s book and create a space where you can unwind, the kids can enjoy, and your friends and family will be jealous of. It’s the perfect retreat for chill nights with family and friends, and it combines comfort with elegance all in one cleverly designed space.

Vitaitaliana luxury scavolini living Tiberio collection

Constant Innovation by Vita Italiana

John Legend's 1960’s Hollywood Haven

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Legend’s 1960’s Hollywood Lighting

John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen transformed their 1960’s Hollywood home into a modern space that is surrounded by nature and outdoor-inspired interior, whilst also reflecting on 1960’s design. This era of design featured sphere-like light shades and low hanging lights, which John and Chrissy incorporated into their living area. Their low hanging cluster of lights with round glass shades surrounding large bulbs pays homage to the 1960’s and fits neatly into the aesthetic of this Hollywood home. The mix of wood textiles and dark moody floors and beams contribute to a home you would find in Hollywood in the 60s.

This aesthetic is effortless and timeless as it remains a classic form of design, and it can be incorporated easily into your own home. The Vetrart lighting collection from Vita Italiana can help you transform your home into a 1960’s haven. You don’t need to live in Hollywood to experience the Hollywood dream, and these lighting solutions have the ability to enhance your home to the next level. Whether you wish to make this lighting system a feature piece in your home by hanging it in your hallway or as a centrepiece in your living area, or whether you wish to have it slot into your existing design, this versatile collection allows you to take control and caters to your style choice. If you wish to fully achieve the 60’s feel then pair this lighting system with moody tones and wooden textiles. 

luxury modern living

Vetrart Lighting by Vita Italiana