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Seaweed is abundant on the west coast of Ireland. The ultimate in super foods and it is rich in minerals. If you have not heard of it yet then you need to get up to speed as I have converted many people to loving this dish at my table. You can find seaweed in most health food stores, keep your eyes peeled as it is popping up everywhere. Great fiber for those of you trying to clean out the Christmas indulgences.

Serves 4
Samphire seaweed 150 g
Alga Dulce seaweed 100 g
Lamb lettuce 100 g
Sun-dried tomatoes (chopped) 100 g
Red onion (sliced) 60 g
Green olives (pitted and halved) 60 g
Pine nuts (toasted) 50 g
Capers (rinsed and chopped) 30 g
Radish (sliced) 50 g
Parsley (chopped) 30 g

Lemon juice 100 g
Lemon zest (grated) 5 g
Dijon mustard 25 g
Honey 20 g
Water 5 ml
Extra virgin olive oil 220 g
Mix all the dressing ingredients in a blender until well emulsified and add salt and pepper to taste.

In lots of water, wash and drain the samphire seaweed and lamb lettuce, pat dry and set aside.
If you are using dry Alga Dulce then rehydrate for ten minutes in cold water, pat dry.
In a large bowl, gently mix all the ingredients together. You’re done! Ready to eat.

Chicken Liver Pate


Trim chicken livers and rinse them in water, patted dry, set aside. In a frying pan melt butter, add onion, shallots, garlic, thyme and bay leaves. Cook until soft and see through. Add liver and increase heat, stirring continuously until liver is nice and brown on th eoutside. Extinguish with brandy, wine and sherry, flame it. Remove bay leaves, blitz in a food processor until smooth. Season it. Put pate in a terrine, smooth surface and chill, Melt a bit of butter and pour it onto pate, keep refrigerated. Serve with toasted bread.





by Angelo Galatolo


Chicken Liver / 400g

Butter / 300g

Onion Chopped / 80g

Garlic Chopped / 4g

Shallots Chopped / 50g

Brandy / 30g

Sherry / 15g

White Wine / 10g

Thyme / 10g

Bay Leaves / 1

Nutmeg / 2

Salt and Pepper

Brussel Sprouts Roti’s with Chorizo and Mustard


In a frying pan cook the choriso until crispy. Remove bacon and set aside, with the same frying pan tossed up brussel sprouts at high heat, deglaze with apple juice, add orange zest and mustard, bring to boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Until the juice evaporate, season it, add toasted almond ad parsley



by Angelo Galatolo


Brussel sprouts / 350g

Chorizo / 150g

Olive oil / 50g

Apple juice / 180g

Orange zest / 20g

Mustard in grains / 20g

Rosemary / 1

Almonds toasted / 30g

Parsley chopped / 15g

Salt and pepper

Turkey in Brine


In a pot put 1/4 of the water, add the rest of the ingredients. Bring to boil, reduce the heat and stir continuously until the salt is completely dissolved. Add the rest of the water and let it cool. Submerge the turkey in brine for 24 hours. Remove from the brine, put in on the rack and refrigerate for 24 hours.

Preheat oven at 200C. Remove turkey from fridge 1 hour before roasting. In a roasting tray put all the chopped vegetables and herbs. On top of it a roasting rack with a turkey on it. Brush turkey skin with butter, season with salt, roast for 1 hour. Rotate tray and cook for 1 and 1/2 hours. Allow the turkey to rest at least 30 minutes before carving.

Use the vegetables for gravy. Bake peaches for 30 minutes. Once the gravy is ready add chopped roasted peaches and toasted walnuts.




by Angelo Galatolo



Turkey / 4500g

Iced Water / 3500g

Coarse Sea Salt / 180g

Lemons / cut in half / 3

Honey / 85g

Thyme / 1

Parsley / 1

Bay Leaves / 3

Garlic Heads / 1

Black Peppercorns Whole / 15

Onion / 1

Rosemary / 3

White Wine / 80g




Carrots / 3

Celery / 3

Onion / 2

Bay Leaves / 3

Thyme / 3

Rosemary / 4

Garlic Head / 2

Olive Oil


Introducing Our Brand Ambassador, Angelo Galatolo

Vita Italiana Dublin are delighted to introduce our new brand ambassador Angelo Galatolo.
Here is a short video taken from his Christmas cookery demonstration held in our new Carattere kitchen from Scavolini. Angelo can be seen testing out the De Dietrich oven with his festive turkey tips.


[youtube v=BBM3seQVEZ4]


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